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Reviews and Comments

"Just Mary tells the story of Mary Evelyn Grannan, the former New Brunswick school teacher who created Maggie Muggins. Having died in 1975 at the age of 75, Grannan is largely forgotten, but her story is told in a colourful and lively fashion by first-time author Margaret Anne Hume, another former New Brunswicker who now lives in Vancouver.
Grannan's career on the airwaves began with a program called Just Mary, which began while she was still in New Brunswick and continued throughout the war years.
Maggie Muggins began on radio in 1946 and moved to the new medium of TV in 1955. Several young girls played Maggie through the years, and Mary was close to all of them.
Hume paints a picture of peaceful harmony throughout those years. When the TV show ended in 1962, Grannan left the CBC but continued writing, with several bestsellers to her credit."
Winnipeg Free Press, April 2, 2006

"Hume takes an intimate look at the life of her fellow New Brunswicker." 
Vancouver Province, May 3, 2006

"Along comes long-forgotten Mary ... Evelyn Grannan, who invented Maggie Muggins, a character that delighted thousands. ... for anyone who'd like to find out about a forgotten Canadian icon, this is a place to start."
Vancouver Sun, May 13, 2006

"Margaret Anne Hume's biography of CBC radio and television star Mary Grannan (1900-1975) may prompt those who knew her to scour their attics. Hume's study of the larger-than-life personality affirms that appearances are deceiving. Thanks to ... Hume, Grannan's incandescent worlds are now accessible to all."
The Fredericton Daily Gleaner, June 24, 2006

"...a wonderful addition for our memory banks when we think about our great Canadian culture ..."
Moncton Times & Transcript, April 14, 2007