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Mary Grannan designated as a national historic person

Posted On - Apr 04, 2018

Mary Grannan (1900-1975), CBC’s children’s broadcaster and author, was designated as a national historic person on March 27, 2018, by Catherine McKenna, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister responsible for Parks Canada.  Mary Grannan was named among the 12 new nationally significant persons, places, and events that helped define Canada’s history.

To quote from Parks Canada’s information backgrounder on Mary Grannan:

“Mary Grannan was an internationally-recognized, award-winning pioneer of English-language Canadian children’s broadcasting. Through landmark programs such as Just Mary and Maggie Muggins, she helped establish a tradition of gentle, fantastical, elegantly slow-paced, wholesome storytelling. …Her written works illustrate the influence of broadcasting on print in the mid-20th century. …”

I am thrilled by this great honour bestowed on Mary Grannan, and would like to express my deep thanks to Minister Catherine McKenna and Parks Canada, and also to Mallory Schwartz, Inscriptions coordinator and historian, Archaeology and History Branch, Indigenous Affairs and Cultural Heritage Directorate.

Parks Canada announcement

Parks Canada Information Backgrounder on Mary Grannan