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Canadian author Margaret Anne HumeThe spark of interest in writing had its origin in Canadian author Margaret Anne Hume’s inquisitive search during her McGill studies into the life of Mary Grannan, the late fellow New Brunswicker and author of the beloved Maggie Muggins. This led to an extensive and rewarding journey of discovery about Mary Grannan, and left Margaret truly feeling like a detective after all. Appointed as Mary Grannan’s official biographer by Grannan's sister Helen, Margaret Anne Hume is the author of the biography Just Mary: the Life of Mary Evelyn Grannan, and editor of the “Just Mary” Reader: Mary Grannan, Selected Stories, both published by the Dundurn Group in 2006.

In 2012, she and her father, Albert Mair MacLean co-authored his memoirs, My Life: Adventures of an RCAF Flying Officer, Eaton’s Manager, and Family Man (Caissie Cape Publications), launching the book on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday.

Margaret’s interests in writing are evolving. Currently, she is acting as story consultant to Helen and Alastair MacCulloch as they develop a musical based on Margaret's biography of Mary Grannan. Margaret’s love of Canada and Canadian literature, and her intense interest in its history and people feature prominently in her writing. She enjoys speaking about writing and her books.

A former librarian at Concordia University, Margaret is a graduate of McGill and the University of New Brunswick.

Canadian author Margaret Anne Hume is an active member of Canadian Authors Association, and is currently the National Chair. In previous years, she has held several executive positions in the CAA  Metro Vancouver Branch, including Past President (2010 to 2012); President (2008 to June 2010); Member, Vancouver CanWrite! National CAA Conference Committee (2004); and Vice-President and Programs Coordinator (2006–2007). Margaret is also a member of The Writers Union of Canada and the Federation of BC Writers. 

Photo by Heidi Back.