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Early Years

Margaret was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1949, while her father attended his final year at Dalhousie University.   The MacLeans moved to Moncton, New Brunswick, where the family grew and prospered during the baby boom years of the postwar period. By 1962, they had five children.

Margaret was a quiet and studious child who loved school, reading, and piano lessons, as well as summer camp, where she especially enjoyed the songs sung around the campfire. With the introduction of television in Canada, she became an adoring young fan of Maggie Muggins, a character created by Mary Grannan.

A top student and curious kid, Margaret loved reading Nancy Drew mysteries, which fueled her imagination. Her detective work around home led to such discoveries as old toys and clothes in grandparents’ attics, and scrapbooks of the royal family and war time letters in her parents’ trunk.

She was involved with CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training) in her youth, and later as an adult, was a leader in Brownies and Pathfinders when her daughter was active in Girl Guides of Canada.